Ukraine has the cheapest meat in the world

Submitted by bashun on Sat, 06/23/2018 - 17:40

Ukraine is on the first place in the ranking of 52 countries of the world with the most affordable poultry meat and one of the leaders at the lowest price for pork and beef. This is evidenced by the data of the British edition of The National Provisioner, which specializes in agrarian subjects, АgroР reported.

The publication writes that because of low salaries Ukrainians consume half as much meat as Spaniards or Argentines. The prices for the study were taken in national retail chains in April 2018 without taking into account the discounts.

So, the cost of one kilogram of chicken breast in Ukraine is $ 2.65 on average, and the kilogram of chicken legs is $ 1.9. Also, people in China, Thailand and Malaysia pay less than $ 3 a kilo, while in Norway they will have to pay $ 13.69, in Sweden - $ 14.28, and in Switzerland - $ 27.14.

Kilogram of legs, except Ukraine, is relatively cheap in Hungary ($ 2.08), Poland ($ 2.19) and Egypt ($ 2.57). However, in Norway, a kilo of legs costs $ 9.53, and in Switzerland - $ 11.32.


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