Mission and objectives of The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association (USBA)


The purpose of the USBA is to represent its members interests in the livestock breeding production, to coordinate economic activity of its members without interference into their business and decision-making processes, as well as to render technical consulting services under the Association’s umbrella.

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association is realizing its mission on several directions:

- representation of its Members interests in authorities by holding meetings, writing requests and submitting proposals, drafting normative and legal acts, holding public hearings, round tables, working groups, preparing publications in the media;

- elaborating of development programs and epizootic protection technologies in livestock breeding industry, in close cooperation with scientific organizations

- making available the most moder production technologies for Members of Association, helping to enter the internal and external markets

- control over the activities of Ukrainian authorities in the agricultural sector, as well as control over the expenditure of funds from the state and local budgets

- industry analyses, gathering of statistical and analytical data

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association aims:

  1. To protect the rights and interests of its members, and to provide their guarantees.

  2. To facilitate internal cooperation and collaboration within the Association.

  3. To represent the rights and interests of its members in their interaction with both the state and local authorities, as well as with non-government organizations, enterprises, trade unions, and the associations of trade unions.

  4. To take part and to design relative legislation act for the purposes of fair and transparent operations of its members and development of the stock breeding industry in Ukraine.

  5. To develop and to implement various educational and social programs in order to improve technical skills of livestock breeding industry professionals..

  6. To establish the spirit of mutual trust, reliability, decency and business partnership between the members of Association, to ensure compliance of its members to the appropriate business ethics and business norms

  7. To improve understanding the Association objectives by its members by means of organizing special events, seminars, conferences, workshops and exhibitions for the purposes of exchange of professional skillset, coverage in the media, provision of consulting services, and engaging local and foreign experts.

  8. To interact with the suppliers of agricultural technologies and financial institutions to promote further development of livestock industry in Ukraine..

  9. To assist members of the Association with establishing contacts with partners in Ukraine.

  10. To provide weekly updates on the latest development of the livestock industry and to distribute this information among its members via e-mail.

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association issues on a quarterly basis the analytical newspaper “USBA Digest”. The newspaper is available both via mail and digital subscription. via e-mail or by post. “The USBA Digest” contains the latest updates on the livestock industry developments and the events held by Association as well as legislative changes during the reported period.