Export activity

The Ukrainian Stockbreeders Association is supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food Ukraine is the the operator of establishing of export activities of  members, and Ukrainian companies who are interested in opening new markets for pork.

The Ukrainian Stockbreeders Association provides the following services:

  • Expansion of pork meat markets category 1-2
  • Establishment of international relations
  • Implementation of the negotiations with stakeholders
  • Transfer contracts directly to the participants of a trade agreement


  • Сooperation with the Ministry of AIC
  • Long-term, successful activities towards exports
  • Successful sales support agreement and also guarantee of performance at the highest level
  • Monitoring of product quality and safety Association members at every stage of interaction
  • Forming the best offers for our foreign partners
  • Performance guarantee at the highest level

Why The Ukrainian Stockbreeders Association?

  • Guaranteed safety and high quality of exported products
  • Individual approach to business partners
  • Selection of the best proposals 

Members the Ukrainian Stockbreeders Association have in their arsenal the modern european equipment and integrated production cycle, which gives businesses the ability to produce high quality products according to international standards.