Head of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association

The Founder and Head of the USBA, Iryna Palamar oversees operation of the USBA and is responsible for cooperation with the Parliament of Ukraine, Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as with civic organizations.

Iryna Palamar is the:

  • Co-owner of the Group of Companies “AgroVet Atlantic”

  • Expert in International Economic Relations

  • Business Development Consultant

  • Author of articles in commercial and industry-related newspapers and magazines

  • Designer of nation-wide projects on livestock breeding infrastructure

  • Industry professional with over fourteen years of experiences in livestock and agricultural market of Ukraine.

The Head of USBA takes in daily according to pre-appointment.

Sokhatskiy Petro, Vice President

Sokhatskiy Petro is a professional with over twenty years of experience in livestock and agricultural market and consulting services. PhD of agriculture, author of 75 published scientific articles in livestock breeding.

Petro Sokhatskiy started his career  as a zootechnician at the farm named after Lenin (Vinnytsia region).

2002 - Deputy Head of Agriculture, AEO Trakhtemyriv JSC

2007 - Deputy CEO of the production, Energoatom agribusiness

2010 – Director, Etnoprodukt Civil PJSC

2012 - Director of the dairy complex, Milkiland LLC

2012 - Dairy Expert and Director of consulting, Group of Companies AgroVet Atlantik

2015 – Head of Expert Council, Vice President of the The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association

Ponomarenko Vasyl, Director

Ponomarenko Vasyl   has an impressive labor, scientific and technical background.

Almost 25 years he had been working at the National Research Center - Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NSC IMESH UAAS), Glevaha, Kyiv region. At the NSC, UAAS IMESH had a position of the Chief Engineer, Head of Department and Deputy Director.

2004-2008 - Deputy Director of Production, Novena-Ukraine State Enterprise,  Kyiv

2008 – 2009 – Technical Director, AFT Group LLC, Kyiv

2009 – 2012 - Chief Engineer, Avanguard agricultural holding

2015 - Director of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association