ASF creates problems in negotiations with Japan

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 17:58

African swine fever poses problems for the pig industry in Europe, as foreign partners refuse to continue negotiations on the supply of European pork because of the spread of the virus, reported.

"Last year we were in a winning position in the negotiations on the export of pork to Japan. Now ASF creates problems for the entire pig industry in Europe," Christian Duchi, the head of the Sanitary Service of Romania (ANSVSA) said.

The same situation occurs in the negotiation process with South Korea. The US also abandoned planned inspections of Romanian manufacturing plants and farms in January this year. However, the Romanian authorities expect an inspection team from Mexico, which will conduct a check on local pig production on the eve of the reform of the Global Compact between the EU and Mexico. The trade transaction is at the final stage of development, and can significantly increase European exports of poultry and pork.

However, according to Duchi, European producers and authorities should make every effort in the fight against the spread of ASF so that the virus does not have a negative impact on the European pig industry, which may happen in the near future.


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