65% of social products have become more expensive over September

Опубликовано bashun - 11-10-2017 - 10:26

September was the month of a significant rise in price of meat and eggs, and in just a month more than 65% of the so-called social food products became more expensive.

This is reported by agropolit.com.

According to experts, salo added in September 8.7 UAH per kilogram, butter - 5 UAH, beef - 3.2 UAH, eggs and boiled sausage - 2.5 UAH, pork, chicken and soft cheese - 1, 5 UAH

At the end of September, kilograms of salo in the average in Ukraine cost 60 UAH, butter - 149.2 UAH, beef - 111.2 UAH, eggs - 19.4 UAH per dozen, cooked sausage - 72.7 UAH, pork - 102.9 UAH, chicken in carcass - 55.4 UAH, cheese with 9% fat content - 96.1 UAH.

According to state statistics, in September, salo rose most in Odesa region - almost 24 UAH per kilogram, butter in Kirovograd - by 13.8 UAH, beef in the Odesa region - by 11.4 UAH, eggs in Khmelnitskaya added 4 , 3 UAH on one ten, boiled sausage in the Zaporizhzhia region - 9.6 UAH, pork in the Odesa region - 11 UAH, chicken in the Kirovograd region - 3,6 UAH and soft cheese in the Lviv region - 4,4 UAH. Price records in September were presented in the Odessa region.

"But buckwheat and vegetables have become cheaper. We note the cheapening of buckwheat immediately at 1.5 UAH, onions - 90 kopecks, cabbage, potatoes and beets - 60 kopecks per kilogram. Now, buckwheat costs 22.8 UAH on average per kilogram, onions - 6 UAH, cabbage - 5,4 UAH, potatoes - 6,3 UAH, and beets -5,4 UAH per kilogram. The decline in prices for vegetables in September suggests that producers want to get rid of them as possible and the falling price in the first month of autumn says that we will witness rapid growth in winter and spring, " says the expert.

The reason for significant price fluctuations between regions is due, most often, to a low level of competition for some products within the territory. Sometimes the reason is in the manufacturers, sometimes in the suppliers or in the trade.

"Just at the level of competition local authorities of the region or city can influence through the creation of appropriate competitive conditions, including through the creation of wholesale food markets. Another powerful tool in the price situation is the organization of fairs that have been held for a long time in Ukraine. Regulation of social food products power levers of influence, but not coercive, but stimulating. And it should use them."


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