Wild boars destroy crops in the Donetsk region

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:19

There is an invasion of wild boars in the Donetsk region. Animals destroy the harvest of corn and sunflower.

This was reported to portal 0629 by the farmer from Novohnativka village of Volnovaskyi district.
He said that wild boars were wandering and eating corn and sunflower on the fields of local farmers.
According to him, when the animals are repleted with food, they begin to "roll" along the fields, causing even more harm.
"I know everything about them. Wild boars are actually very smart, they eat only at night and at dawn, they have an extreme sense of smell, " says the farmer.
Farmers frighten them with car sounds and firecrackers to drive animals off the fields, but boars returned.
"Last year, the population of boars was much smaller, because wolves were chasing them. Now for some unknown reason there are almost no wolves. I feel sorry for the boars. They are so cute, but they will cause a lot of losses,"- complains the farmer.
Farmers turned to the Center for Military Cooperation of the Volnovaskyi district for help. They were promised to solve the situation there. They will allow shooting boars, or they will ask the military to frighten the animals.

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