Which area became the leader in Ukraine for the export of goods to the EU

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All regions of Ukraine became participants in trade relations with the European Union after the Agreement on a free trade zone, but the percentage of exports and imports of regions is different.

This is reported on the project page of the EU Delegation on the prospects and benefits of the free trade zone UopenEU on Facebook.

It bears reminding that Zakarpattia winemakers will be included in the US registry.

Zakarpattia occupies leading positions in the export of products and services. So, in 2016 Zakarpattia became the unconditional leader in the export of goods to the countries of the European Union.

According to infographics, the export rate of the region to the EU countries in 2016 was a record 92.5%. According to these indicators, Zakarpattia significantly diverged from the neighboring regions of the EU: Volyn - 77.4%, and Lviv - 74.4%.

In general, more Zakarpattia enterprises exported their own goods to Hungary (52.1% of total exports), Germany (7.8%), Slovakia (6%), Poland and Austria (5.2% each), the Czech Republic (4 %).

According to the General Directorate of Statistics in the Zakarpattia region, machinery and mechanisms accounted for the basis of the commodity structure of exports in 2016 - 61.1% of the total exports, textile materials and products - 10%, various industrial goods - 7.6%, timber and products of wood - 6.4%.

As for the export of services, its level may have increased by 2.1%. The largest volumes of services exported to Hungary (36%), Austria (13.2%), Germany (11.5%), Italy (8.6%), Slovakia (5.2%), Great Britain (4.7% ), the Czech Republic (4.5%).

In the export structure, significant services were provided for the processing of material resources (75.7%) and transport services (18.2%).

It should be noted that the favorable geographical position (four EU countries borders with Zakarpattia - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania) promotes active economic relations with the European Union. And in early 2017 Zakarpattia continues to demonstrate high rates of exports of goods to the EU countries.

Thus, the volume of exports to EU member states in January-March 2017 amounted to $ 285.7 million, or 88.2% of the total. It should be noted that during this period, significant exports of goods between the EU countries were carried out in Hungary (48.7% of the total), Germany (7.1%), Poland (7%), Slovakia (5%).

The basis for the commodity structure of exports in January-March 2017 was machinery, machinery and electrical equipment - 56%, textiles and finished products - 8.6%, timber and wood products - 7.5%, and various manufactured goods - 7%.

Concerning export of services in comparison with the 1st quarter of 2016, for the first quarter of 2017 the level of export of services to the EU countries grew by 23.2%.

The largest exports were to Hungary (31.2%), Germany (12.1%), Austria (11.8%), Italy and Slovakia (6%).


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