Wasteless poultry: an additional source of income can be the poultry manure

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Chickens are the most popular poultry in Ukraine, and in the whole world. They are grown both at large poultry farms and in households.

This industry has been developing steadily until 2014. The loss of part of the territory of Ukraine and other crisis phenomena led to a reduction in the number of poultry by 9%. The change in the number and structure of chicken livestock in 2015-2016 is shown in the table.

Most Ukrainians do not represent their lives without poultry products. Meat and eggs of chickens have firmly entered the diet of many households. Therefore, the corresponding goods are given to those of public interest.

Much less popular is the products of processing the results of chicken life - litter - although it can be found useful in the farm.

Every year around the world, poultry produces around 192 million tons of manure, which partially evaporates, is partially disposed of and enters the soil, depending on the poultry population in the region.
Ukraine's contribution to this volume is about 5 million tons of litter - 2.6% of the world and 9.9% of the European index.

These figures indicate a significant economic and environmental problem associated with manure, which could be addressed through its processing, including in universal fertilizer.

At present, the world production of organic fertilizers, including chicken manure, seems to be microscopic in comparison with tens of millions of tons of their release from mineral - potash, nitrogen and phosphoric analogues. Despite this, the segment of organic fertilizers is developing dynamically, and over the last seven years, this market has increased by 71%. Thanks to the world trend for the use of organic food and an increase in the overall environmental quality of life, the demand for non-chemical fertilizers is also growing. Only in 2016 from chicken manure was produced by 22.2% more fertilizers than a year earlier.

As can be seen from the table above, Ukraine is still behind the world growth rate of litter processing, although this sector is very promising, given the large volumes of unused raw materials.
The following factors may be the reasons for the insufficient development of the domestic market:

  • the processing of chicken manure is still at the stage of formation and has not yet caught the attention of the majority of domestic investors and farmers;
  • crisis phenomena in the national economy and geopolitics (production of fertilizers depends on gas) had a negative impact on the Ukrainian fertilizer industry;
  • farmers use litter for fertilizing their land and produce dry and compost fertilizers "by the handicraft method", than they create a shadow segment of the market;

The lack in Ukraine of the necessary equipment for processing litter in accordance with modern standards.

A feature of the Ukrainian market of organic fertilizers is currently the lack of imports of these products, and hence competition from the world's producers. Therefore, a new market player will have to win back its share only in domestic enterprises operating in this area, the number of which is still low. The orientation not only on the domestic consumption of organic fertilizers, but also on their exports, makes this business even more promising.


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