Verkhovna Rada expects to forbid the use of palm oil in products

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 08/01/2018 - 15:02

In May of this year the Verkhovna Rada supported in the first reading a bill banning the use of palm oil in food. The final adoption of the document is planned for autumn. This was said by the member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Oleksii Kyrychenko, UNN reported.

"We very much hope and expect that in autumn the bill will be adopted as a whole. It is very necessary. Firstly, it is the protection of the domestic consumer. Secondly, we believe that the maintenance of non-native substances in dairy products can harm the health of Ukrainian consumers," he said.

Mentioned bill, according to the deputy, should support the domestic production of products of animal origin, in particular - milk and butter.

"Unfortunately, in our environment, laws aimed at protecting the quality of products are not very effective. We want that butter, if the label says DAIRY BUTTER, does not contain palm oil, but contains fats of animal origin, as it should be. And we have palm oil added there, and the label says dairy butter that is made from condensed milk and has a fat content of 72%. This is a fraud of the buyer, and we are strongly against it," he concluded.

It bears reminding that the other day Ukraine broke the record on the import of palm oil. In the country we imported almost 100 thousand tons of this product.

According to Deputy Serhii Tryhubenko, the biggest problem with palm oil is that its content is often hidden. "Trans fats are not mentions on the labels, although producers have to do it," the politician said and noted that "if we can still agree with vegetable oils in certain adult food products, there should not be any compromises in the issue of baby food."


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