Ukrainians have reduced consumption of palm oil products by 15%

Submitted by bashun on Sat, 05/05/2018 - 14:56

Ukrainians have reduced food consumption by 15%, which contain palm oil, reported.

According to experts, most Ukrainians consume palm oil in milk-containing products. Over the past year, 4 million tons of milk have been processed, a certain percentage of which is milk-containing products (palm oil is used there).

Thus, according to the director of the analytical agency "Infagro" Vasyl Vintoniak, Ukrainians have reduced the consumption of cheese products by 15%, because they already know what it is, they felt the difference with natural milk.

The production of cheese products reaches 70,000 tons. 4 million tons of milk are processed, 1 million tons of which in milk equivalent is exported from Ukraine. 25-27 thousand tons are sold on the domestic market of dairy products. Spreads - about 25 thousand tons. These are the most capacious products containing milk fat substitutes. The production of cheese in our country is about 100 thousand tons (excluding cheese products). Total for the past year, fatty cheeses - 207 thousand tons, along with cheese products. Almost half of the production of cheese group in Ukraine is made with the use of palm oil," Vasyl Vintoniak said.


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