Ukrainian pig producers may lose up to 30 billion UAH

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 13:17

Only direct losses of pig producers in case of uncontrolled spread of ASF may amount to 9 billion UAH over the next 15 years. It is reported by

Such forecasts were announced at the press conference by Dmytro Prykhodko, an economist of the investment department of FAO and the head of the project on fighting ASF in Ukraine.

And given the decline in the value of the assets of the pig industry, the loss of value added at the level of production and processing of products, the losses could amount to 30 billion UAH. "The past few years, the ASF problem poses significant operational risks for all creditors," says Lesia Kuzmenko, deputy director for agribusiness, senior EBRD banker in Ukraine. "Investors are ready to finance, but companies that have a very high level of biosafety."

To stop the spread of the disease, it is needed to raise people's consciousness. The report on the cases of ASF should occur within 1-2 days, according to FAO.

It bears reminding that due to the African swine fever pig-breeding complexes lose $ 460 per pig. Since 2012, there have been registered 326 outbreaks of the disease, of which more than a half - over the past year.


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