Ukrainian export to Canada replenished with 154 new commodity items

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 10/25/2017 - 12:36

Ukrainian exports to Canada were replenished with 154 new commodity items, including special purpose cars for $ 3 million, copper bars and profiles for $ 2.9 million and turbojet engines for $ 1 million, the deputy minister of economic development and trade - Ukraine's salesmen Nataliia Mykolska.

The most significant growth was observed in non-raw materials, such as liquid crystal devices, sound electric equipment, flour, rubber and plastic processing equipment, X-ray equipment, printing equipment, agricultural products such as juice, honey, sunflower oil. , positions with high added value are growing, "the trade representative said during the presentation of export benefits to Canada.

She also stressed that in monetary terms, the new 154 export positions make up $ 10.2 million in total exports. In general, for eight months, exports of goods to Canada increased by 70.9%, or by $ 12.9 million compared to January August 2016 - up to $ 31.2 million

As Canadian ambassador to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk noted, exports are growing in new niche segments, and in some of them, the increase is from 500% to 8000%.

"Such figures mean that there are filling new niches previously unoccupied, such as energy equipment and agricultural equipment. Experience shows that the growth of exports occurs first by filling new niches, and only then moves to the expansion of already existing sectors export, "he said.

According to Roman Vashchuk, the process of certification of goods for export to Canada will be simplified over time, as between Canada and the EU gradual harmonization with certification is launched, and a similar process between Ukraine and the EU.

"Further, it is also planned to conclude agreements between certification centers of Ukraine and Canada, it will also simplify the recognition of certificates issued in the territory of both countries, will allow reducing the cost of export-import operations," adds Nataliia Mykolska.


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