Ukraine is the third largest supplier of agricultural products to Turkey

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 04/12/2018 - 13:06

By results of 2017 Ukraine became the third largest supplier of agro-food products in Turkey and took 7.2% of the structure of Turkish imports of agricultural products, being inferiror only to the USA and Russia. Over the past 5 years, exports from our country grew by $ 240.6 million, while imports fell by almost half - by $ 262.5 million or -47%, reported.

Turkey is one of the largest trading partners of Ukraine and ranks 6th among buyers and third among suppliers of agro-food products.

The trade balance of agricultural products between Ukraine and Turkey is positive for our country. Thus, in 2017, domestic agri-food products were exported to the amount of $ 928.9 million, while imports from Turkey amounted to $ 293.1 million.

The main export items of agro-food products from Ukraine to Turkey are soybeans (30% in the structure), corn (11%), sunflower oil (11%), wheat (11%) and bran (9%). Over the past 5 years, a significant breakthrough occurred in the supply of butter, sugar and legumes. So, according to the results of 2017, sugar was sold at $ 24.5 million, oil by $ 24.2 million, and fresh legumes by $ 20.1 million and cooled legumes by $15.3 million


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