Ukraine is not a raw material appendage of the European Union

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 10:31

In the first half of the year, exports of goods and services to the European Union increased by almost 23%. It is important that we not only grow raw materials, not only corn and wheat. This was stated by the trade representative of Ukraine Nataliia Mykolska.

According to her, export figures speak for themselves. It is a question of stable and systemic growth of exports to the EU countries.
For example, car parts are included in the top 5 of our exports to the EU, and this segment is the second in terms of increasing exports to the EU. For example, the export of Ukrainian water heaters is growing at a fast pace - in the first half of 2017, their exports from Ukraine to the EU doubled - to the amount of $ 3 million. The surprise for everyone was how we increased the export of our butter, for today we are the second after the New Zealand country, the supplier of butter to the EU market, Mykolska has noted.
She also added that progress is obvious, because if only a year ago, in 2016, we had certified units of dairy enterprises, today they are already 18, and they took the lead.
A similar breakthrough, by the way, made Ukrainian ice cream. I do not agree with the fact that we are an agrarian appendage of the European Union. More and more Ukrainian industrial products are entering the European market, and they are in demand there. We already mentioned the automobile cluster, in six months the deliveries of our electrical equipment, those same heaters, increased the sale of Ukrainian furniture (+ 45.6% in the last six months), light industry goods, ceramic products, in particular tiles and plumbing there is generally an increase of 52.3%, Ukraine's trade representative has given the examples.
She noted that now it is necessary to work on increasing the production and sale of goods of greater processing in order to supply finished products with greater benefit.
Now we see that new products are appearing in our export basket in each group every month, not only in the food. Moreover, what is even better, they remain there, that is, they are not individual supplies, but sustainable development. Therefore, not only the government and the ministry, but also Ukrainian business understands that the EU market is a new opportunity for Ukrainian exporters, Nataliia Mykolska has summed up.

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