Ukraine needs a new law to regulate the pesticide market

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 11:05

PA "Ukrainian Industrial Plant Protection Association" in conjunction with the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and other associations are working on creating new versions of laws that should regulate the pesticide market in Ukraine. This was reported by the chairman of the "Ukrainian Industrial Association for Plant Protection" Serhii Kuzmenko, reported.

"Information that bill No. 6606 will solve all problems of regulation of the Ukrainian pesticide market is not true. In our opinion, it will only deepen deregulation. Therefore, the existing problem must be solved in a comprehensive manner," Serhii Kuzmenko said.

According to him, Ukraine does not abandon the world experience, but will take only the best from it and build its own strategy for achieving success. Today, own innovative developments and scientific approach allow national producers to slowly, but confidently, win positions in the Ukrainian market from multinational companies.

"The development of the domestic manufacturer is the way to import substitution, respectively - a chance to reduce the outflow of currency from the country. Given the amount of almost $ 1 billion spent on foreign drugs in 2017, the savings would be substantial. In addition, this would lead to lower prices for finished agricultural products, which, on the one hand, will reduce the cost of the consumer basket of an ordinary Ukrainian, and on the other - increase the competitiveness of our products on the international market," Serhii Kuzmenko noted.

According to him, in order for Ukraine to have the opportunity to create its own highly effective developments that will be more affordable and more adapted to use in our conditions than foreign counterparts, we need a new law that will give the country the opportunity to develop its course.


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