South Korea will begin selling meat in vending machines

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 11:38

The government of South Korea plans to revise the current rules of trade in products of animal origin before the beginning of May this year, "FMCG club" reported. In particular, it is planned to allow the sale of beef and pork products in containers through smart vending machines.

According to the information, meat in vending machines will cost 20% cheaper.

"The Association of Agricultural Cooperatives has already launched an experimental program for the sale of pork meat in a package of 300 grams through vending machines. After making changes to the law, the network of such machines can expand to 800 points throughout the country. It should be noted that meat, which will be sold through vending machines, would cost 20% cheaper," is said in the message.

Now the government is working to remove legislative obstacles to the sale of meat in such machines.

"Today, in order to sell meat, the seller is required, in addition to fulfilling a number of requirements, to have an electric freezer, a refrigerator, a display with information about the production times and weights. Vending machines will be able to regulate in the online mode the necessary temperature conditions for storing and selling meat, as well as output information about the production times and the cost of meat products," is said in the FMCG club.


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