Simplified registration of tax invoices for farmers will work in the coming days

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 10/02/2017 - 13:20
The order of the Ministry of Finance to simplify the registration of tax invoices for certain taxpayers - owners and tenants of land will be registered by the Ministry of Justice within a few days.
This was reported by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Yevhen Kapinus, reports “Biz.censor”.
Yesterday we received the conclusions of the State Regulatory Service (the SRS), in the coming days we will send an order for registration to the Ministry of Justice, Kapinus has said.
He also recalled that the document would come into force after registration with the Ministry of Justice.
There were warnings from the business side about some inefficiency in work, but we removed these questions. At the same time, we see a significant positive effect, since 50% of blocked circulation facilities do not come. This suggests that we are talking about a "shady" value-added tax, which is being tried to be registered, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Finance has stressed.
The official added that the Ministry of Finance, SFS and business representatives continue to work out the criteria by which the system blocks tax invoices.
Earlier, the Ministry of Finance prepared a draft order, which proposed to release from monitoring risks when registering tax bills of taxpayers-owners more than 0.01 hectares of land and some tenants of land.

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