The share of premium milk in the structure of Ukrainian production has increased this year

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 10:18

Today, there is no significant reduction in the production of milk and dairy products in Ukraine. According to the results of January-October 2017, these volumes amounted to almost 9 million tons.

Thus, by the end of the year the Ministry of Agrarian Policy expects milk production at the level of 10387 thousand tons. In 2018, an insignificant decrease in the production of milk in 10100 thousand tons is possible with simultaneous increase in the structure of production of milk from agricultural enterprises.
This was told by the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on issues of European integration Olha Trofimtseva during the X All-Ukrainian Conference with international participation "Dairy Business 2017".

"According to the results of January-October 2017, milk production decreased by 1% compared to the same period last year, households decreased by 1.7%, and agricultural enterprises on the contrary were increased by 1.8%. It is pleasant to note that the share of premium milk, 15% or 318 thousand tons, received from agricultural enterprises, has significantly increased, " notes the Deputy Minister for European Integration. She added that the specific weight of milk, purchased by processors for further processing in agricultural enterprises, is now 60.5%, in households - 29.6%.

"The export of Ukrainian dairy products to other countries for this period amounted to 112.3 thousand tons. For example, we significantly increased the export of oil - 3.5 times, to $ 69 million, "- says Olha Trofimtseva. She said that, in addition to butter, Ukrainian companies actively exported cheese and whey in the current year. "The main buyers of Ukrainian dairy products are still CIS countries, but this year the supplies to the countries of Asia and the European Union intensified. For today, the EU's tariff quotas on butter and milk pastes have been almost completely exhausted, and the quota for milk powder is exhausted by 34.5%. For the first time this year our exporters started using the quota for milk and cream, as of the end of October the quota was filled by 3.8%, " notes Olha Trofimtseva. 

According to her, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection continue their active work to open new markets for the export of Ukrainian dairy products. Priority is given to such countries as: Lebanon, Egypt, Korea, China and others. "It is necessary to create a sectoral comprehensive program for the development of the Ukrainian dairy cattle breeding industry. And we need to start on the development of breeding and genetics, technologies for production and so on. In addition, cooperation between producers and processors is extremely important, because this is the most effective way of forming full-fledged industry chains, " says the Deputy Minister for European Integration.

Reference: The production of the main types of Ukrainian dairy products in January-October 2017, according to the State Statistics Service: milk processed-711 thousand tons, cream butter 84.2 thousand tons, fresh and sour-milk cheese-50.2 thousand tons, cottage cheese fatty -91,1 thousand tons, yoghurt, fermented or fermented cream and milk -310 thousand tons, spreads and fat mixtures - 17 thousand tons, products containing milk - 708,2 thousand tons.


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