The price of pork rose 40% for the first time in 8 years

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:40

The price for pork rose by 40%, and margin - about 100%, this has not been for 8 years.

This was announced at the Cherkasy International Investment Forum by the chairman of the Association of Livestock Breeders of Ukraine Iryna Palamar.

According to her, the problems in the region began after 2014, when the epidemic of African swine fever flared up in the country, which the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection could not stop. However, today Ukraine can become a serious player in the world market of livestock products.
Iryna Palamar noted that there were already very ambitious plans for the output of pig products to the Chinese market. However, with the emergence of ASF the situation changed dramatically.

"We started to close export markets Russia, Moldova, Belarus, were the main importers of our pork, so now in pig production there is another problem - a sharp reduction in the number of pigs, this year it has already decreased by almost 10%." Weak farms, where not well enough biosafety, or those who simply were not lucky, had to cut out the livestock because of the ASF entry, and suffered huge losses, but on the other hand, those who survived received a remarkable bonus: now the price for pork has risen by 40%, and marginality - about 100%, and who was not already 8 years old. In addition, the domestic pork market is currently experiencing a deficit of about 35%. Therefore, pig production today is a very attractive business. Nevertheless, potential investors have another question: if they now start to build pig farms and 100% fill the domestic market of pork consumption in about 5 years, where they will sell products later? Here the answer is one - it is necessary to go out for export, which means, first of all, to solve the problem with ASF, "- comments she.

Opening of new markets is impossible because of the adverse epizootic status of Ukraine was noted at the conference.
"To be exported, we have to be competitive," says Maksym Shevchuk, General Director of GC "AgroVet Atlantik." - If we are talking about the export of cattle, then by exporting animals in live weight, as we are doing now, we become a raw material appendage. It is much more profitable to create our own processing, to build certified slaughter halal workshops, we could have a much higher economic effect. "
Maksym Shevchuk clarified that it is impossible for a separate livestock enterprise to implement this project, therefore it is necessary to unite. Together with the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association they see one way out of this situation is to create an effective platform that would become a data bank of respectable Ukrainian producers, on the basis of which Ukrainian enterprises could place their commercial offers, group prefabricated commodity lots of large volumes, etc. 


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