Population reduced meat procurement by 18 thousand tons

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 12:05

Ukraine is increasingly switching to industrial products instead of subsidiary farms and private gardens. This was reported by the director of the Association of suppliers of trade networks, Oleksii Doroshenko, on his Facebook page, according toagropolit.com.

The trend of decreasing incomes from subsidiary farming continues. In general, Ukrainians' income from this decreased by 14% in 2017. The next confirmation of the trend that is becoming permanent is the statistics over January-May of this year, which shows a decrease in the production of livestock products, like meat, milk and chicken eggs.

Oleksii Doroshenko noted that the population reduced meat procurement by 18 thousand tons, or by 3.5%, milk by 83 thousand tons, or by 3%, eggs by 23 million pieces or by 0.8%. The total production of meat and milk in the five months of this year has also declined.

But it should be noted that during this time the share of industrial production increased compared to the previous year: meat - by 0.8%, milk - by almost 3%, and chicken eggs by more than 5%.

"That is, we are going the world by replacing products produced for ourselves and surplus is sold. It is good because it launches market mechanisms. If people even in difficult times refuse to keep the farm, this indicates its economic inexpediency. It is difficult for them to compete with mass production due to high costs," the expert noted.


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