Polish pig producers will receive compensation for pigs termination

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 14:20

Polish farms with a population of up to 50 pigs that suffered losses due to the spread of ASF will receive compensation.

The European Commission will allocate 9.3 million euros for this. This amount is enough to recover the cost of about 10 thousand piglets and 171 654 pigs. The calculation will be as follows: 33 euros for a piglet and 52 euros for a pig. First of all, the funds should be directed to support small businesses so that they can continue their activities.
The Polish authorities are also thinking about how to help the affected livestock breeders. In particular, President Andzhei Duda expressed his opinion about the need to create a special fund, from which losses caused by natural disasters and dangerous diseases, including ASF, will be compensated.
By 2017, more than 60 cases of African swine fever have been recorded in Polish farms. In total, since mid-2014 - 98 outbreaks.

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