Poland decided not to wall out from Ukraine

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 07/03/2018 - 14:18

Polish Minister of Agriculture Jan Krzysztof Ardanovsky said that the decision to build a wall against the spread of African swine fever (ASF) should be taken on the basis of certain calculations. The politician noted that he is not a supporter of this form of fighting this disease. In May the Council of Ministers postponed work on the so-called special law on ASF. This is reported by the Polish radio, pravda.lutsk.ua reported.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jan Krzysztof Ardanovsky reminded that the fence should protect Poland from the migration of infected wild boars from Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. However, this year the African swine fever is also regularly found in the depths of Poland, particularly in the Mazowsze region: "We need to think carefully how to use a lot of public money. The problem is the density of the fence, because it is more than a thousand kilometers, as well as soiled soil, swamps, lakes, Puszcza Białowieska, along the Bug. How to build a wall so that the wild boar, which has 300-400 kilograms, could not overcome it. It is like a tank."

The Minister drew attention to the need for close cooperation with the structures responsible for hunting in the planned hunting for wild animals. "If they destroyed infected wild pigs along the border, there would be no problem," the politician said.

The Polish government appealed to the European Food Safety Authority with a request for the construction of the wall against the ASF.


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