The peasants quarreled over ASF in the Lviv region

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 10/05/2017 - 13:16

There is still a scandal in the Hrozove village of Lviv region. One landlady had 35 pigs killed by ASF. Now we have to destroy all the livestock in the village. Villagers say that there is no plague and there was not.

This is mentioned in the TSN.
People do not believe that animals died from ASF.
"In three weeks, pigs in three villages would already be extinct. What plague are you talking about? "- revolt the peasants.
They believe that the landlady forged documents to get compensation. Owners of animals had to slaughter piglets earlier than planned.
"The pigs were slaughtered, because we were afraid. They will take them, " complain the peasants.
The owner of pigs, which the farm was found ASF in, is outraged by such rumors.
"I do not want any compensation. This is not my fault, " says the woman.
ASF in the farm confirmed the examination. So, in the village, all pigs should be confiscated, and people should be compensated.

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