The parliament registered the agrarian strategy of Ukraine

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 15:49

On October 4, the deputies registered the Ukrainian agrarian strategy in the parliament - the draft law “On the fundamentals of the state agrarian policy and the state policy of rural development”, reported.

The document introduces the Office of Agrarian Attaché to represent and protect the interests of Ukrainian agricultural producers abroad. A tool for the gradual implementation of state policy will be an Action Plan for the implementation of the basic principles of development of state agrarian policy and rural development policy and it will be developed for 5 years to implement the law. It is also proposed to monitor the relevant action plan.

In the agrarian sphere and issues of rural development, for several years now we have not had a systematic act that would determine state policy in these areas. The last such act was the law “On the fundamentals of the state agrarian policy for the period up to 2015”, but, as we see from the very title of the document, it was of an urgent nature and no longer corresponds to the present time. Not to mention that the strategy should be not just a formal document, but also a real plan of action, under which we could get specific expected results! Therefore, we expect that our strategy will become just such a document, ” says Oleh Kulinich, a member of the Agrarian Committee.

The provisions of the strategy provide for a comprehensive vision of the development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector, taking into account the interests of producers and the formation of such a rural development policy, which would be aimed at sustainable development of rural areas and raising the standard of living of the rural population.


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