Meat from a test tube: what should humanity expect in the future?

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:39

Technologies do not stand still, just like the population of the Earth. Scientists are improving the techniques to make artificial meat affordable and bring it to market in the next few years, reported.

Meat is the muscles of animals. The process of producing meat in vitro involves the production of animal muscle cells and the use of protein, which allows cells to grow into large pieces of meat. Studies to obtain meat in vitro were originated from NASA experiments, which tries to find better ways of long-term nutrition for astronauts in space.

In 2013 the biologist Mark Post, from the University of Maastricht, prepared the world's first burger from meat grown in a test tube. Production of the product cost $ 325. As of November 2016, half a kilo of beef stuffing cost $ 3.6, that is, almost 10 times cheaper than meat from a test tube.

And it would seem that there is nothing to be afraid of. The natural product cannot disappear from the shelves of our stores. If you talk about statistics, we learn that the cultivation of 1 kg of beef consumes 38 kg of feed and almost 4000 liters of water. Cows need to 20 times more food than necessary to eliminate the problem of hunger among people. If the world's population approaches 10 billion, then for the production of meat for all there will be not enough fresh water.


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