Law enforcers are offered to establish criminal liability for participation in raider schemes

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 03/30/2018 - 15:59

The introduction of criminal or disciplinary liability for the violation of law No. 7275 "On business protection from abuse of authorities" will allow the business to "breathe". Such an initiative is promoted by two people's deputies of Ukraine Vadym Denysenko and Ivan Miroshnichenko. It is promised to be prepared within a month, according to

Now the Verkhovna Rada has registered a bill No. 8121 "On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts to counter raid", which is made to minimize agrarian and land raids.

Now the law "On business protection from abuse of authorities " does not work, and people's deputies explained why.

"In fact, all these progressive norms do not have a punitive effect, so there is a violation of the law by the power structures. We propose to make the appropriate changes to the legislation. The changes must be based on two cardinal issues: Firstly, we need to introduce disciplinary, for failure to comply with the law No. 7275. That is, if you did not allow a lawyer, then in principle, you must bear for this, at least, disciplinary responsibility. Secondly, we talked about this when we passed this law, we must finally put an end these "roundabouts", when the same type of cases are opened by one body, then closed, then opened by another body, and you need to pass all these 12 circles of hell - 12 anti-corruption bodies. Only in this way we will allow the business to "breathe", - Denysenko noted.

He also noted that most of the migration processes in Ukraine among young people are due to the inability to develop their business on the territory of Ukraine.

"There will be a huge resistance to the power system, but without resolving this issue we will not be able to build a business and will not be able to stop migration," says the People's Deputy.

How does a corrupt law enforcement system was explained by Miroshnichenko.

"Diagnosis" of violations is the same to everybody. They come with searches in one company, and "take away" and "clean up" a completely different one. Non-admission of lawyers and the prohibition of video shooting are standard violations of the law, " says he.

People's Deputy of “Samopomich”, founder of the NGO “Business-Varta”, Ivan Miroshnichenko, added other details of the work of law enforcers with business.

"We have a lot of law enforcement agencies and they all open their business in turn with the same motive. How to explain this as pressure? When they come to the same door several times, that is, searches are conducted regularly. Why it is needed to take scrap and force open the door if the companies themselves open the doors to power structures, management, and people provide all the documents, etc.", notes Miroshnichenko.

An example of such a recent "raid" on the business was told by another people's deputy, Oleksandr Danchenko.

Last week, the company "Electrum Payment System" had 12 searches at all addresses with the withdrawal of equipment. Law No. 7275 clearly states that you can not remove servers, computers, equipment without additional arguments. Although absolutely everything was seized. Over the past two years, only two industries have shown growth in Ukraine in the conditions of war: the agrarian sector and the IT sphere. Instead of supporting these industries, the state simply "horrifies" and "squeezes out" everything related to these industries, "he said.


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