Last year the agricultural sector was invested more than in the pre-crisis period of 2013

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 14:17

The growth of capital investments in the agrarian sector of Ukraine in January-December of 2017 remained high and amounted to 30,7% as compared to the corresponding period of 2016. This was reported by Veronika Nechytailo, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Investment and Material Support of the National Research Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics".

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in January-December of 2017 the total volume of capital investments, mastered by the agro-food sector of the economy, amounted to 75.7 billion UAH in actual prices. This is 1.2 times higher than the same period in 2016, the expert said.

According to the calculations of the scientists of the Institute of Agrarian Economics, the volume of capital investments implemented in the domestic agrarian sector of the economy in dollar terms in January-December of 2017 amounted to 2,173.4 million US dollars, or 4.3% higher than the pre-crisis period in January-December 2013 in 2083.3 million US dollars, said Veronika Nechytailo.

According to her, the lion's share of investments in the agro-food sector of the economy of Ukraine - 75.2% - was directed to agriculture, hunting and provision of related services.

Investments in forestry and logging remained at the level of January-December of 2016. At the same time, in the fishing industry, the growth of capital investments increased to 53.7% in 2017.

Capital investments, absorbed into long-term biological assets of plant growing and livestock, in January-December last year increased to 3295.5 million UAH, exceeding the indicator of the corresponding period of 2016 by 1.1 times.

In the production of food, beverages and tobacco products, capital investments increased by 7.4% to 17,944.8 million UAH.

There were 3.18 UAH of investments in agriculture, hunting and provision of related services for 1 UAH of capital investments in the production of food products and tobacco products in January-December of 2017.

"This shows that in January-December of 2017, the tendency of agriculture to be prioritized over the food industry continued, due to an increase in the export of raw materials abroad and a reduction in processing for food purposes within the country as a result of population decline and purchasing power. The trend, according to forecasts of scientists of the Institute of Agrarian Economics, will continue until 2025, "- summed up Veronika Nechytailo.


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