Jamon is the staff of life, or how do Ukrainian farmers compete with Spanish farmers?

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 11/23/2017 - 13:52

In the village of Glubokoye in the Kiev region, two men started their own business - they make meat delicacies that can compete with Italian or Spanish products.

Production began two comrades - Yurii Serbin and Serhii Chuchkov. The first is a financial analyst, the second - a marketer. For the production of meat products, they rent part of the territory of a local meat processing plant. Although, it all started with the fact that the men decided to participate in one of the festivals and began to dry meat on the balcony. Later it grew into own business.

Meat for their products, entrepreneurs purchase from local farmers. This stage is very responsible.
Entrepreneurs decided to make unique products, because it is difficult to compete in mass production without significant investments - therefore the emphasis is on quality. Sell products exclusively in Ukraine, it will cost about 300 UAH per kilogram.

Ukrainian jamon is not inferior in Italian taste, but it costs several times cheaper. Entrepreneurs themselves decided to go to Italy and passed the relevant courses. Now they are experimenting with recipes.

Men are convinced that it is possible to create an agrarian business in Ukraine without significant resources, but it is necessary to do everything gradually, step by step.

According to entrepreneurs, the niche of production of a jamon in Europe is now being released. A young generation of Italians and Spaniards do not want to become farmers, so traditional business is inherited by nobody. Ukrainians are planning to enter the European market, because in the near future there may be a shortage of goods.


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