"It is necessary to ban not palm oil, but trans fats" - expert

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 15:01

Banning palm oil will not stop falsifiers, experts say, according to Agrobusiness Today.

The ban by the Verkhovna Rada of palm oil will not prevent unscrupulous producers from falsifying products in the future. After all, they will use instead coconut oil, or hydrogenated sunflower and rapeseed oil. This opinion was expressed by the president of the association "Ukrkondprom" Oleksandr Baldyniuk on his Facebook page.

He noted that in no country in the world there is a ban on the use of palm oil in food products, moreover, in the EU countries consume more palm oil per capita than in Ukraine.

Oleksandr Baldyniuk added that the harm from consumption of products containing palm oil was a stereotype. In fact, trans fats are very harmful - that is, fats, which are converted from a liquid to a solid state during the hydrogenation process. Further, they are added to confectionery and pastries.

According to the expert, the producers will not be able to replace palm oil with other oils, since none of the vegetable oils is produced in the world in quantities necessary to replace palm oil. The world production of vegetable oils is approximately 198 million tons per year. Of these, almost 70 million tons, or more than 35% - is palm oil. The same ratio - more than a third - the consumption of palm oil in the total consumption of vegetable fats and in Ukraine.

Oleksandr Baldyniuk expressed his opinion about the addition of palm oil in butter and other dairy products. The specialist stressed that it was forbidden to add vegetable fats to traditional dairy products that day.

Therefore, if palm oil is banned, will not it stop the falsifiers. They will add other vegetable fats to dairy products: coconut, or hydrogenated sunflower oil, rapeseed and the like.

The problem of palm oil in dairy products is the problems of weak state control. In Ukraine, a powerful controlling body was created – the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, which received the right not only to impose fines, but also to suspend the work of these enterprises. In addition, the AMCU could study the problem of food falsification more closely as a violation of the competitive environment, the president of the Ukrkondprom association summed up.


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