Hungary is planning to fence off a fence from Ukraine due to ASF

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 09/27/2017 - 10:35

Hungary is considering the possibility of building a tight fence on the border with Ukraine to protect against wild boars that can spread African swine fever.

Experts say that the outbreak of the epidemic could lead to a reduction of 60-70% of exports from Hungary, reports.
"To prevent the emergence of African swine fever in Hungary, additional measures are needed," says Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Lajos Bognar.
In particular, a large double fence across the border between Hungary and Ukraine is being planned to be built. The border between the countries passes in the territory bordering Zakarpattia and has many unprotected sites, which are used by both wild animals and smugglers.
"We can expect big problems if the African swine fever virus does get to Hungary from Ukraine. If this happens, then exports will become impossible, and this in turn will lead to overproduction in the domestic market and to a significant reduction in prices. Up to 35% of the production of pork (which is 1.2 million animal units) will become unprofitable, " says the president of the Hungarian Pig Association Istvan Horvath.
Now in Hungary, sow owners must report to the veterinarian within 24 hours if they suspect a pet disease. Hunters should also report the discovery of dead wild boars.
Hungary has received from the European Union € 340 thousand this year. To prevent ASF, next year it will be necessary to spend € 400 thousand, the Hungarian officials state.
Reference: Poland is planning to build along the border with Belarus and Ukraine fencing to prevent the migration of wild boars that suffer from African swine fever (ASF). About € 30 million will be included for these purposes.

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