How to fight against ASF was taught in Poltava

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On October 2-5, 2017, training seminars were held at the Hadiatska, Myrhorodska, Hrebinkivska, Lubenska District State Administration, Hlobyn District House of Culture, and the Department for Agro-Industrial Development. Kobeliatska, Chutivska district state administration, Poltava regional state hospital of veterinary medicine within the framework of the technical assistance project "Raising awareness of the African swine fever in Ukraine" with the participation of Oleksandr  Rievnivts, the FAO national consultant on communications.

On October 5, the final stage of scientific seminars on "Raising awareness of the African swine fever in Ukraine: Stage II" took place on the basis of the assembly hall of the Poltava State Regional Hospital of Veterinary Medicine

Heads of SEAC, chiefs and specialists in livestock management of agro-industrial development of district state administrations, heads of district and city administrations, specialists of the Main Directorate of the State Procurement Service in Poltava region, the chairman of the united territorial communities, village and township councils, heads of hunting farms of all types of ownership took part in the seminar , managers and veterinarians of agricultural enterprises, media representatives and other interested face.

The seminar covered the following issues:

    - African swine fever: current status and threats;
   - Measures to prevent the occurrence of African swine fever in agricultural enterprises and in private farms;
    - First-priority independent actions to localize the focus of ASF.

  Thanks to Oleksandr  Rievnivts, the media expert of the FAO project, all present received new information on the prevention of African swine fever, ways of transmission of the ASF virus, assessment of economic damage due to the outbreak, and other topical issues.

  All present were given brochures, which briefly depict information about ASF.

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