Farmers insist on the introduction of a fixed tax

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Farmers propose to introduce a fixed tax, which will depend on the size of the farm.

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"Today there is no law on individual farming. We have been talking for many years about that single tax on land, and we can not introduce it for more than 20 years. To individual farmers join the association, a single land tax is needed, and it should be for everyone: for the farmer, for the individual farmer, for everyone, " says Oleh Polishchuk, farmer, chairman of the AFLU of the Hoshchanskyi district.

First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Maksym Martyniuk promised to introduce a grace period.

"The single tax must be entered. Unified social tax that are paid by the farmer and especially by family farms should be paid by the state, at least for a certain grace period, for example, the 5th anniversary, " says Maksym Martyniuk.
Also, Victor Sheremeta explained how this should work in practice.

"The fact that we are in favor of a single tax per hectare is correct, but it should be differentiated: a small farmer pays a lower tax, a larger enterprise - a greater tax. You can reduce the refund rate for exports. Farmers do not receive compensation, no one exports. Over the past year, when exported, almost 100 billion UAH has been reimbursed. You can find a balance to satisfy both the farmer and a large producer," says Viktor Sheremeta.

Farmers propose to their edits to the "ideal picture" of the ministry.

"A universal transparent fixed tax per hectare in crop production or revenue in livestock should be differentiated: there is no fee for small farms, low for medium, small and high for large farms. For agroecological land use, the state should limit the top level of the lease, " says Valerii Perepelytsia, chairman of the Drabivskyi regional organization of the AFLU.

He added that a farm cannot compete with holdings, because, unlike them, a farmer pays taxes.


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