Experts has named the main risks in obtaining agrarian grants in 2018

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 12/27/2017 - 13:07

In the program of direct budgetary subsidies for the agricultural sector in 2018, the government has not laid a single kopeck, then where should we wait for support from and what kind of support will it be.

According to experts, the lion's share of budget money can again get to large producers, and under a different sauce. After all, the government in a manual mode to paint the distribution of 4 billion USD of state support for the AIC for the next year!

People's Deputy from the "mutual assistance" Ivan Miroshnichenko believes that the problem is in the cunningly "polished" in March by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy the procedure for distributing subsidies. According to him, two norms were put on the agenda, and the entire procedure was distorted.

"The first is the expenditure of 50% of the subsidy on poultry farming every month, and the second, on what principle the subsidy is considered. In many agrofirms, tax liabilities on the sale of crop products are NOT subsidized, they "ate" the amount of subsidies for VAT on the sale of livestock products. So, such firms did not give documents on donation in the form of a refund of VAT, because nothing is returned. In various sectors of agriculture, the tax credit and tax obligations are formed in different ways: for example, in poultry farming they arose in crop production - at the end of the year, after the sale of products, and in pig breeding and cattle breeding - with a certain periodicity, " explains he.

Therefore, time bombs in the mechanism of subsidies were made in the Cabinet of Ministers, and not in the Verkhovna Rada. In addition, the final version of the budget shocked the agrarians - there are no subsidies.
"We were de facto deceived with subsidies, because in the beginning of the year we practically did not receive it, because there was a terrible order." We immediately said that it would not work, but nobody canceled it. We know what it led to - those who really should have received the subsidy did not receive it, but now they simply canceled it. "All they promised to give in exchange for special regime they took everything in one year. "They left us", explains the deputy chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council Mikhail Sokolov .

But on this budgetary surprises may not end. Agrarian experts do not rule out that the government will again play hide-and-seek with them and fear that 4 billion UAH for animal husbandry, again, will go to the pockets of selected large producers.

According to Mykhailo Sokolov, the procedure for allocating funds under this program will be determined by the Cabinet, but there is still no clear vision of how it will be.

"They managed to throw 4 billion into a program in which there is nothing, not even an order, a single by-law, so you can do anything you want: you can build, compensate, give interest, there's a lot of arbitrariness have been canceled because they have restrictions of 150 million (for poultry farmers - Auth.) and sent it to where it does not exist, " says he.

Ivan Miroshnichenko agrees with Sokolov:

"There is no agreed order. After voting for the budget, everything is in the hands of the Cabinet of Ministers. How they will write out, so it will be. "- sums up he.


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