Deputy Initiative: land rules for farmers will be rewritten

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 09:41
People's deputies suggest changing the rules for the development of family farms.
This is stated in the draft law No. 7060 "On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and some legislative acts of Ukraine on stimulating the creation and development of family farms and suppressing corruption abuses in the area of disposal of state and municipal property."
Its authors are Vadym Ivchenko, Oleksandr Bakumenko, Oleh Kulinych, Valerii Lunchenko, Valentyn Didych, Ivan Miroshnichenko, Andrii Vadaturskyi, Kozachenko and Artem Vitko.
During the presentation of the bill at the meeting of the agrarian committee, People's Deputy Vadim Ivchenko announced the main goal of changing the land legislation in this matter. A farmer must be exclusively a citizen of Ukraine and have no more than 20 hectares of land cultivated. The size of one land lot will be 5 hectares of land. He must be a member of family farming, which is registered at the location of the land plot. Alternatively, it is obliged to become a member of such an economy within 3 months from the moment of winning the land.
According to him, the document will abolish the corrupt model of land privatization for private peasant farms, replacing it with a transparent mechanism - auctions. Anyone who will meet the competitive requirements will be able to participate in them.
If we check who owns these lands, we will understand that they have long been owned by several people or several dozen people. Therefore, we decided to draft a bill that will help get rid of all the problems that are today. The most important of them is corruption. In order to get rid of it, we must limit access to land for those who buy land in order to earn money on it, or for those who do not know how to use it properly.
Separately, Ivchenko also talked about the requirements for the use of land plots, which will be taken from the owner in case of violation of the contract.
Firstly, the land should be used exclusively for growing perennial plantations, livestock, vegetable growing, organic products and storage and processing of agricultural products; secondly, it can be used exclusively for the conduct of economic activities of a family farm; thirdly, the owner has no right to change the purpose of the site, alienate it and transfer it to third parties, Vadym Ivchenko has said.
He also added that at the end of the lease, the farmer would have the right to purchase land.
He will be able to get a part of this plot free of charge (up to 2 hectares), if he has not used the right to free land acquisition for personal subsidiary plot. Also, he will have a chance to extend the lease of land without holding a repeated auction or redeem this land (installments up to 20 years), the deputy has stressed.
There are a number of requirements for the lots that will participate in the auctions.
These will be land plots in the amount of 5 hectares, the fixed lease period of which will be 7 years (for perennial plantations - 25 for reclamation lands - 10). The total area of agricultural reserve lands to be put up for such auctions will be at least 50% of the area of agricultural land provided at general auctions last year, Ivchenko has said.
Thus, authors of the document promise that privatization at a rate of 1 hectare of the earth remains free-of-charge.
The Agrarian Committee adopted the document as a basis.

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