Consumer prices for social food products will continue to grow

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 10/09/2017 - 10:19

Unfortunately, for ordinary Ukrainians, the beginning of this autumn was marked by another increase in prices for most socially important food products. The rise in price will continue.

This was reported by the press service of the Economic Discussion Club.
Leadership in price growth, as in the previous months, keeps products of animal origin. In particular, in the first month of autumn consumer prices rose by:
salo - by 17.0% ("plus" 8.71 UAH per kilogram)
eggs - by 15.2% ("plus" 2.56 UAH in the top ten)
sausages cooked - by 3.6% ("plus" 2.54 UAH per kilogram)
beef - by 2.7% ("plus" 2.94 UAH per kilogram)
poultry meat - by 2.7% ("plus" 1.43 UAH per kilogram)
pork - by 1.5% ("plus" 1.51 UAH per kilogram).
Among dairy products in September, the price of butter added 3.5% ("plus" 4.99 UAH per kilogram). Milk, soft cheese and sour cream went up by 1.6% -2.1%.
Despite the massive supply of new grain to the domestic market, a rise in consumer prices for bread and bakery products remains.
Since the beginning of September, prices for bulk bread have increased: from wheat flour of grade 1 - by 0.2% ("plus" 3 kopecks), rye-wheat bread - by 1.1% ("plus" 13 kopecks per kilogram). Since the beginning of 2017 kilograms of bread of bulk varieties has risen in price by 14% -15%, or by 1.54-1.63 UAH.
Prices for flour (0.5%), macaroni products (by 0.7%) and rice (1.4%) also rose.
At the same time, in September the seasonal decline in prices of vegetables for "borshch set" continued: the bulb onion fell by 13.4% ("minus" 92 kopecks per kilogram), cabbage - by 11.2% (“minus” 68 kopecks in kilograms), potatoes - by 9.1% (“minus” 63 kopecks per kilogram), carrots by 2.0% (minus 16 kopecks per kilogram). There was a significant rise in prices for beets - by 12, 9% ("plus" 62 kopecks per kilogram).

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