Broiler meat production in Ukraine grows annually

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 02/07/2018 - 17:18

Ukraine does not lag behind the world, because the number of poultry in 2017 only increased, and in 2018 chicken will occupy half of the meat ration of Ukrainians.

In 2016, 89.5 million tons of broiler meat were produced in the world, which is 854 thousand tons more than a year ago, Agropolit writes with reference to the Institute of Agrarian Economics (IAE).

It is also noted that, compared to 2014, world production of broiler meat increased by 2.9 million tons. In three years (2013-2016), the world's product production grew by 5.2 million tons.

Ukraine also does not lag behind world trends; the number of poultry does not decrease.

"In 2017, only the volume of poultry farming in agricultural enterprises had a positive trend of + 4.7% versus 2016," says Leonid Tulush, head of the Institute.

And based on the affordability of chicken in comparison with other types of meat, it will become the basis of the meat ration of Ukrainians.

If the retail price of poultry meat (carcass) in December 2017 averaged 53.91 UAH/kg, pork with bone (cut of the thigh) cost 93 UAH/kg, and pork without bone - 113.46 UAH/kg, - said a senior researcher of the department of pricing and agricultural market of the IAE Svitlana Pashko.

Therefore, such a price range determined the popularity of poultry, which made chicken meat the most popular meat product in Ukraine.


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