On the average salary Ukrainians can buy less salo than last year

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 15:27

In 2018 on the average salary Ukrainians can buy one third less salo than last year. This was written on Facebook page by the head of the Association of suppliers of trade networks, Oleksii Doroshenko, according to agropolit.com.

According to the association, the purchasing power has fallen by 30% over the year. If last March the Ukrainians could buy 168 kg of product for an average salary, then in March 2018 it was 117 kg. This happened despite the fact that the average salary in Ukraine over this period increased by 24%, that is from 6752 to 8382 UAH.

In the regional context, the inhabitants of the Volyn and Rivne regions can get more salo - 145 kg on the average salary of the region, and for the Zaporizhzhia region - 137 kg. Residents of Chernihiv can afford to buy less salo - 92 kg, as well as Odesa, Kharkiv and Kherson region - 94 kg each.

"Over the year, the purchasing power, measured in salo, in the Mykolaiv and Kyiv regions has decreased by 75 kg and 69 kg, respectively. The residents of these regions can buy less of this product," Oleksii Doroshenko said.

At the same time residents of Kyiv this year can buy 40 kg less saloon an average salary. So, in 2017 with a salary of 11 010 UAH residents of Kyiv could buy 165 kg of salo, and in 2018, having a salary of 13 388 UAH, they can only get 125 kg of salo.

The expert also drew attention to the great unevenness in the amount of the average salary in the regions of Ukraine and the price of salo, and also on the fact that salo became the social product No. 1 in terms of the growth rate of the value of the previous year. Last year, it grew in price by 67% and only this year due to imports, prices are falling.


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