ASF leads pork price lowering in the world

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 10/09/2018 - 14:12

The average value of the FAO Meat Price Index in September was 166.2 points, slightly below its revised value for August. This is reported by the press service of the FAO, reported.

World prices for beef and pork remained mostly stable, while prices for lamb and poultry meat have increased.

Lamb prices have been rising for the fourth month in a row due to the continuing shortage of supplies from the Pacific countries and high import demand from Asian countries.

Steadily high demand in the context of short-term supply shortages, particularly in Brazil, also contributed to some increase in prices for poultry meat. However, large volumes of export supply from the countries of the Pacific and the United States of America impeded the growth of prices for beef, and the emergence of new foci of African swine fever and the corresponding restrictions on imports led to a pork price lowering.


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