The working group of the Office for the Support of Reforms under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy was replenished with a new participant

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:29

Head of the Kiev office of British investment group Сharterhouse Corporate Partners Inna Metelova joined the working group of the Office of Reform under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

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The corresponding order to create a working group was published by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.
It included representatives of associations of the agro-industrial sector, international technical assistance projects, science, chambers of commerce and industry, experts in the agricultural market, etc.
The work consists of comprehensive expert support for the direction of development of sales markets and investment and financial cooperation for market participants from legislative initiatives and strategies to practical cases for working with certain products, markets, partners, Metelova has said.
According to her, the process of developing an investment portfolio of the agro-industrial complex had been launched with the aim of creating a platform for direct communication of market participants with financial institutions and investors with an educational component.
It bears reminding that the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food maintains a forecast for the grain harvest at the level of 61-63 million tons in 2017.

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