The volume of financing on agrarian receipts in Ukraine has reached one billion UAH

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 09/15/2017 - 09:42

As of September 12, the volume of financing on agrarian receipts in Ukraine has reached one billion UAH

This is stated in the message of the project "Agrarian Receipts in Ukraine", which is being implemented by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in partnership with the Swiss Confederation.
So, now in Ukraine there are 149 agricultural receipts, 62 of them are commodity and 87 financial. 57 are successfully completed and closed. So far there have been no reports of default by the borrower with the opening of the procedure of compulsory execution on agrarian receipts.
According to the head of the project "Agrarian Receipts in Ukraine" Oleksii Omelianenko, the demand for agrarian receipts in Ukraine is growing. Accordingly, the project plans further expansion to the entire territory of Ukraine.
This step will allow agroproducers in each region to receive loans on agricultural receipts. It should be noted that most of the farms that received additional financing through agrarian receipts are classified as small and medium, Omelianenko has noted.
It is noted that the introduction of agrarian receipts in Ukraine aims to improve and simplify access to finance for small and medium-sized agricultural producers.
It's nice to note that new creditors are joining the lending on agrarian receipts. Predominantly, receipts are used by producers of grain and oilseeds, but farmers who are engaged in vegetable growing and horticulture are increasingly paying attention to this funding instrument, Omelianenko has added.
So, the first test of this new tool took place in Poltava. Today agrarian receipts are already actively used in 7 other regions: Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Mykolaiv, Sumy.

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