Vegetables will become more expensive due to the weather, and meat – due to the feeds. What will happen to the prices of food?

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 12:28

As Vesti predicted, the prices suddenly raised with the beginning of autumn. Most of all, the prices hit the so-called borshch set, but soon the price tags will also change for bread and salo, Vesti reported.

Ukrainian farmers continue to harvest and fill the storehouses with vegetables and grains, but at the same time in the market prices after a slight fall began to rise again. Over the past few days, beets and carrots have grown by 40-50%.

In addition, Ukrainian farmers are increasing the prices of onions. If last week they sold it at 6 UAH per kilogram, then today it is 7-7,50 UAH, and at retail - 8-10 UAH.

Distressed weather affected other vegetables. For example, carrots and beets at their cost broke the record for the past 10 years.

Salo saves the import

But if prices for vegetables can still be reduced a little bit, then it is problematic to do for meat, says economist Oleksii Doroshenko. Prices for pork and beef went up very strongly. Today beef costs 125 UAH per kilogram.  "As for salo, the price for Ukrainian delicacy is kept at the same level due to exports. A lot of salo is imported from abroad, and its cost has stabilized. Today it has risen in price only by 1 UAH. But how things will go further, it's difficult to say," comments Oleksii Doroshenko.

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association notes that by the end of the year the prices for meat will grow, as 70% of the production structure is the cost of feed. And since the beginning of the year they have grown in price by a third, and this process does not stop. In addition, the prices of energy also influences the situation.

Another unpleasant news is the price of bread. Agrarians believe that due to a poor harvest of grain in the near future, bread prices are expected to rise by an average of 10%.


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