USBA offers the Government concrete programs of financing of animal industries

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Specific money is for specific cases. This position is maintained by the Association of Livestock Breeders of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the situation in the country is such that producers, in particular agrarian, and especially medium and small, need financial support from the authorities. On the development of the industry, the State Budget provides for funds, but here the main thing is not only to have money in your wallet, but also properly and thoughtfully to dispose of them. Closely communicating with entrepreneurs who know not in words but in practice, for what purposes funds are needed, the USBA has formed a package of proposals for the government in the direction of the direction of budgetary funds.

The subsidy for the fattening of young cattle. According to technology.

Keep the calves, born from nursing cows, for a long time in their farm, the peasants are in no hurry. First, it's expensive. Because that milk should be given to the calf for drinking from the cow, it is possible to take advantage of the profit and have a constant income. Secondly, they do not want to lose subsidies for housing and communal services, since the calf needs to be registered. Therefore, personal peasant and small farms are trying to give birth to newborn calves as quickly as possible.

For our agrarian country, it is a serious problem with the loss of the cattle stock, according to which the Arab countries with high consumption of beef meat are getting in the queue to buy, and the shortage of foreign currency earnings. For ordinary Ukrainian - this is the risk of consuming a harmful product (after all, meat of calves up to 14-20 days old is harmful because of the toxins in it) and, finally, the rise in prices due to a shortage of meat.

Therefore, the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association proposes to introduce a special state subsidy for peasants for fattening young cattle up to 6 months - to provide two thousand UAH in cash and one thousand in natural (milk substitutes and prestarters). The optimal period of fattening, namely 6 months, allows achieving the most favorable meat condition of the calf, to incur a minimum of costs to household farm for the maintenance of its production before the onset of the cold season. It is also advantageous for the state to receive not just fattened gobies, but grown up with the observance of technologies-conditionals for export (curved and slender calves do not interest anyone on world markets), so some help must be given in the form of special food.

The introduction of the subsidy will also support the development of the Ukrainian village. After all, it will not go to the oligarchs, but increase the profitability of individual peasant farms, increase the profitability of individual peasant farms, stimulate the growth of the cattle stock, create motivation for identification of cattle, solve the problem of slaughtering bull calves at an early age, ensure the consumption of safe meat by the population, eliminate mediation and speculation when milk and bulls are slaughtered, attraction of foreign exchange earnings for the state.

Bet on genetic progress.

Reimbursement of the value of tribal (genetic resources) purchased for further reproduction

Genetic improvement of the herd plays an important role for enterprises engaged in breeding animals. Financial support for those who purchase pedigree resources is still provided for in Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 28, 2015, No. 884 On Approval of the Procedure for Using Funds Provided in the State Budget to Support the Livestock Sector. But the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association considers it expedient to increase the size of subsidies for breeding genetics of domestic origin and imported in the import regime: for breeding heifers, bred heifers, dairy cows, milk and meat cows and meat cows - from 12,000 to 24,000 UAH per head; for breeding pigs and hogs - from 2400 to 5000 UAH per head; for breeding sheep, rams, gimmers - from 2000 to 4000 UAH per head.

It is very important to provide for state compensation also for the sperm of bulls and for embryos of cattle.
Informational and educational work with private households on the technology of milking cows, and partial reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of equipment for milking and cooling milk
The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association considers it necessary to postpone the introduction of the norms of DSTU 3662: 2015 "Cow raw milk. Technical Conditions", which is scheduled for July 1, 2018, to ban the intake of second-class milk in individual farms, and to use this time to carry out extensive outreach work with household farms on milking technology, and to allocate public funds for partial reimbursement of expenses for purchase of equipment for milking and cooling milk. Of course, it is better to create a material and technical base on family farms and cooperatives.

Subsidy to support producers of pork, beef and milk

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association takes the position that the state should offer an alternative instead of the selected quasi-accumulation of VAT to the producers of pork, beef and milk. This can be a direct subsidy per kilogram of live weight, per head and a liter of milk. Substantial support for enterprises that support this idea would be: for pigs in the amount of 4 UAH per kilogram of live weight, for dairy cattle 1 UAH per liter of milk or 700 UAH for milking cow per month, for beef producers 5 UAH per kilogram of live weight . In the conditions of limited funds, if only part of the allocated funds for livestock farming are to be operated, then at least 2 UAH per kilogram of live weight should be provided for pig production and 2,000 UAH for a dairy cow per year for dairy cattle breeding. Additional support for producers is preferential lending with a special purpose to replenish working capital.

Partial compensation of the value of agricultural machinery and equipment

Reimbursement of the value of agricultural machinery and equipment for farms and livestock complexes is a very important area in the sphere of state support for farmers. But here it is important to note that the state pays attention to the technique of the domestic manufacturer. The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association supports the position that it is necessary to increase Ukrainian agricultural machinery and quickly orientate to the requests of farms - to produce equipment and machinery that meets the present demands and is competitive in technical characteristics with the world one. At the same time, one must take into account that some types of agricultural equipment or parts to them in Ukraine are simply not produced, or produced, but much worse in terms of technical characteristics, because agricultural enterprises prefer foreign ones. It is necessary to take into account this factor, and provide for partial compensation for equipment and machinery imported from abroad that Ukraine does not have. 

Partial reimbursement of the cost of construction and reconstruction of farms and complexes

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association supports the government's position on the need to recover the cost of construction and reconstruction of farm premises (including family farms) and livestock complexes. But he believes that the established limit of 25% of the volume of expenses does not meet the needs of real producers-investors. This is too small a sum for reimbursement, so that producers have a motivation to build farms and increase the number of livestock in conditions when quasi-VAT is abolished. In addition, the cost of building and reconstructing enterprises for the production of animal feed should be provided for, in the structure of livestock production, the share of feed is 70%.

Once again, we emphasize that the proposals described were developed in the course of negotiations with manufacturers, which seek to develop and create a favorable economic climate in the state. These proposals have already been sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the Ministry of Economy, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association always defends the interests of domestic producers.





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