The updated procedure of certification of technology will lead to its rise in price

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 12/26/2017 - 10:32

An updated procedure for certification of technology will lead to its appreciation.

This was told by the general director of Kuhn-Ukraine Asad Lapsh, writes.
"There are actual costs for certification, they will affect end-users. This is such a hidden tax,"said the representative of the company.

According to him, unlike the price increase, this in no way will affect the supply of equipment to the Ukrainian market.
"In fact, when we think logically, if we are moving to Europe, we take European standards, starting with legislation and food, it is obvious that we are satisfied with European standards. Do the goods that are produced in Europe have lower standards than in Ukraine?"- says Lapsh.

It bears reminding that now, to register a plow, cultivator or even a harvester, you need a declaration of conformity, which must be provided by the manufacturer or authorized representative. To register a tractor or trailer equipment, you must obtain a type approval certificate.


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