Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association producers convinced Turkish authorities to cooperate with Ukraine in exporting cattle

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 02/19/2018 - 10:53

Today, Ukraine already actively cooperates with Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Uzbekistan and other states in the direction of export of cattle in live weight.

The Turkish market for Ukrainian producers is still closed, despite the huge capacity and promise. The Chairman of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association Iryna Palamar, repeatedly stressed that for exporters of cattle, the opening of the Turkish market is strategically important and economically advantageous primarily from the point of view of geographical proximity.

Therefore, the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association conducted a systematic work to open the Turkish market for Ukrainian producers of livestock products. In particular, in July 2017 a round table was held on the theme "Development of meat production and exports in Ukraine", organized at the initiative of the Association of Livestock Breeders of Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the Office of Reform Support with the support of the USAID project "Support to Agrarian and Rural Development" (for more details please follow 

The aim of the event was to analyze the situation with the production and export of animal products and identify the main problems faced by producers and exporters in the domestic and foreign markets, their causes and solutions.
Already at that time, according to the results of the work of the round table, a list of protocol instructions and concrete proposals for improving the production and export of livestock products, including to Turkey, was developed. It was decided to coordinate the work of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection with business associations in export matters and to exchange quarterly information on the commodity nomenclature of Ukrainian products, potential importing countries and the general interest of producers in the sales markets in order to systematize and generalize it.

Subsequently, Iryna Palamar, chairman of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association, held negotiations with representatives of the Office of the Trade Advisor of the Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine on the purchase of the latest cattle in live weight. An unconditional victory was that the Ukrainian side managed to convince potential partners in mutually beneficial cooperation, because Turkey considered Ukraine a sanitary and dangerous country and had significant concerns about such cooperation. Moreover, a number of requirements were voiced, subject to compliance with which issues of cooperation can be considered.

For the representatives of the Office of the Trade Advisor of Turkey in Ukraine, the USBA prepared and presented the full analytical material on Ukraine on meat exports. This information was developed by the Turkish authorities and detailed in the on-line information request.

For today, negotiations are continuing between the countries on the organization of supplies of Ukrainian livestock products to the Turkish market. In turn, the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association is working to present Ukraine as a reliable and responsible partner, cooperation with which will promote the development of livestock and the economy in general for both countries.

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