Ukrainian pork exporters should focus on China

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 06/21/2018 - 15:55

In the next 10 years the growth in production of all types of meat will slow down, and consumption of meat products, on the contrary, will grow. This was stated by an independent consultant on the development of meat business Yevhen Shatokhin, reported.


"Ukraine is a part of the international community, and, accordingly, is experiencing all those trends that dominate the global meat market," he said.

Among the main factors that will control the production of animal protein, the expert called the high price of resources for production; veterinary challenges (including the ASF) regulatory issues; drought; consumer demand.

In addition, Yevhen Shatokhin believes that Ukrainian pork exporters should reorient from Europe to China. This country, in his opinion, should be given special attention in terms of export primarily at the state level, because there are many uncoordinated regulatory issues.

"China has one of the most powerful economies. Moreover, according to Chinese analysts, pork will be the most important meat in the next 10 years. That's why Ukraine can think about supplying not only hoofs and snouts, but also high-quality joints,” he said.


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