Ukrainian pig breeding will have new hygienic standards

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 12/27/2017 - 13:01

Two more pig farms (from Dnepropetrovsk and Kherson regions) tested in practice the food safety guidelines.

It is reported by Infoindustry.

Work on this document has began this year. In August "test" audits were held at a number of farms.
First of all, they intended to familiarize producers with European norms and the means that would help them to fulfill them.

These facilities are the joint work of experts and experts of the USAID Project «Support for agricultural and rural development ". Their development is dictated by the implementation of European integration laws, in particular "On State Control over the Observance of Food Legislation, Feed, Animal by-products, Health and Animal Welfare". Thus, Article 40 of this Law of Ukraine provides for a number of hygienic requirements for operators that produce primary products and HACCP for meat processing.

The Product Safety Guide specifies general hygiene rules for pig farms, requirements for the well-being of pigs, transportation of animals to the slaughter site and pre-slaughter maintenance, as well as the slaughter of pigs and the cutting of meat.

All the stages of the work are the creation and practical implementation of hygiene facilities and are carried out with the grant support of the USAID «Support for agricultural and rural development" Project. Now the development of the project of installations is at the final stage. A number of improvements and approvals are waiting for the document.

"These installations are methodical recommendations for doing business, technological processes in accordance with European requirements, first of all they are created to help operators, in particular, pigs, to conduct business in accordance with the law. Their development is almost over. The next steps are approval and implementation. We expect that these installations will become a base on which to base inspections, " notes the expert.


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