In Ukraine there will be an independent laboratory for monitoring the quality of milk

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 10/03/2017 - 10:26

Thanks to the grant and technical support of the project "Support to Agrarian and Rural Development" from USAID, an independent laboratory for monitoring the quality of milk and animal productivity will be opened for a new level of servicing of dairy farms.

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The laboratory will analyze the physical and chemical properties of raw materials: general samples of milk from the farm for timely response to negative changes in the health of the animal; samples of milk from each cow for adjustment of weighted selection work.
In addition, the laboratory will provide rapid identification of the causative agents of mastitis and their sensitivity to antibiotics in order to select optimal treatment and prevention programs.
Several reasons contributed to the creation of the laboratory. One of the main - the desire of producers to increase the amount of milk-raw materials of the highest class, the head of the laboratory Andrei Bilan has
On September 28, within the framework of the working group on improving the policy of development of the dairy industry and the formation of the milk market, the role of creating such a laboratory in Ukraine was discussed. Representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy highly appreciated the importance of such a research center and expressed their readiness to support such projects.
Experts note that mastitis of cows is one of the biggest problems of dairy cattle breeding. Losses that the producer incurs from cattle disease with mastitis exceed losses from all other diseases.
It bears reminding that Dutch and Ukrainian farmers, agrarian managers, veterinarians and farm managers passed master classes on the basis of the "Rozvolozhzhia" farm in the Cherkasy region.

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