Ukraine increased milk exports by almost 50% in 2018

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:16

In January-March of 2018 milk exports increased by 48.2% or 110.81 thousand tons to 229.70 thousand tons. This is reported by the analytical department of the Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB) according to

At the same time imports of this product from Ukraine increased by 35% to 39.78 thousand tons. "According to FAO analysts, the UMI index in April 2018 fell by 13.3% that was the largest drop in the last three years and two months. The last such sharp drop was recorded in February 2015. The main negative factor for the drop in the index is feed prices. In particular, sunflower seed grew most in price - only this year prices for it rose by 80.2%. For comparison, in the same period last year, the price of it did not change at all," UFEB analysts noted.

The average weighted price for extra grade milk in the market as of the beginning of May was 8.81 UAH/kg including VAT. In general, the range fluctuated within 8,80-9,00 UAH/kg.

Premium grade milk over the month became cheaper in price and cost 8.68 UAH/kg, and the first grade milk decreased in value by 4.1% (8.63 UAH/kg against 9 UAH/kg in April 2018).

According to the State Customs Service, in April 2018, the export volume of cheeses of all kinds in cash equivalent amounted to $ 3.674 million, which is 9.2% higher than the value of exports for the same month of the previous year. Over the period of January-April of 2018, exports from Ukraine increased by 20.4% to 17.61 thousand tons.

It bears reminding that in 2017 the export of cheeses from Ukraine amounted to 9.072 thousand tons.

Import volume of this product segment is 1.5 times higher than export volume. In April of this year cheese was brought to Ukraine worth about $ 5.305 million. The total value of imports over the period of January-April was $19.743 million and shows an increase of 28.4% to 29.42 thousand tons.

The export of powdered milk in April in monetary terms amounted to $ 4.45 million, which is 31.9% lower than the same month of 2017. In the first four months of this year, Ukraine exported 9.826 thousand tons of condensed milk and cream (including powdered milk) to international markets. This indicator is 29.3% lower than last year's supply for the same period (13.9 thousand tons).

The import of condensed milk and cream in 2018 shows an increase in the total volume and money equivalent, if compared with previous years. According to the State Customs Service, in April 2018 condensed milk and cream (including powdered milk) worth $ 527,000 were supplied. In the first four months of the year, the total cost of deliveries was $ 1,825 million.


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