In Ukraine, the average selling price of livestock animals has increased almost 1.5 times over the past year, and in almost all regions it has almost doubled

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 11/27/2017 - 10:56

Such data are provided by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine to the request of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association on 13.11.2017 ZPI / YUR-2009-17.

So, for the period from January to October 2017, the sales of live farm animals by enterprises increased insignificantly - by 0.4% compared to the same period in 2016, and amounted to 836,416 tons.

At the same time, the average price for the sale of live animals increased by 40.5% compared to the same period in 2016 and is 30,864.2 UAH / ton.

Most of the livestock products were sold in such areas as Kiev (170,821.0 tons, which is 104.3% of the data for the same period in 2016), Lviv (64262 tons (111.7%)), Cherkasy (56594.7 tons (101.3%)), Vinnytsia (55070.1 tons (91.8%)) Poltava (54901.7 (107.9%).

Separately it is necessary to allocate m. Kyiv, does not fall into the 5-ku regions of record-holders according to the number of animals sold (35042.4 tons), but is the first for the increase in the volume of sales for January-October 2017, respectively, to the same period in 2016, ratio is 29.4%, that is, the number of sold products has increased almost threefold.

Less products were sold in such regions as Zakarpattia (2149.5 tons (113.6%)), Luhansk (4324.0 tons (114.3%)) Mykolaiv (5622.0 tons 86.6 (%)) Kirovohrad ( 10 016.5 tons 70.3 (%)) and Kherson (10134.7 tons (77.9%)) of the region.

If we turn to the average prices for the sale of live animals, then in the top 5 most expensive were Kiev (47267.8 UAH / t, which is 190.6% of the previous year), Poltava region (38 673.2 UAH / ton , (178,1%)), Ivano-Frankivsk (38,016.5 UAH / ton (155.1%)), Zhytomyr (37,797.7 UAH / ton (179.5%)), Chernihiv (35,665, 3 UAH / ton (161.6%)). As you can see, the price growth in these regions is very significant compared to last year.

The lowest prices for stalking farm animals are demonstrated by such areas as Rivne (23,124.0 UAH / t (121.3%)), Zaporizhzhia (UAH 24,354.7 / ton (128.3%)) Lviv (UAH 25611.5 / ton (135.2%)), Donetsk (26761.9 UAH / ton (126.7%)), Kiev (27925.2 UAH / ton (130.9%)). The price increase compared to last year is also relatively lower than in other regions.

"This year, the cattle breeders could not only stay at the level of the previous year in terms of the number of live animals sold, but also increase the volumes," the chairman of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association, Irina Palamar, commented on the situation. - I think that the significant increase in prices for the products sold has played an important role, helping enterprises not to be unprofitable. For example, we all remember that last year the pigs were sold live at UAH 29 / kg, and today - 50 UAH. That is, for entrepreneurs there was a positive dynamics regarding marginality. Although for the consumer, of course, this fact is negative, because on the shelves of stores meat products has risen in direct proportion. "


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